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Tracy founded Village Dental Hygienist in 2017, to give her patients more access to dental hygiene services in their community outside of a traditional dental office.

She believes strongly that patients should have a choice when it comes to their dental hygiene treatment, which is why VDH offers both holistic and traditional dental hygiene methods in a soothing environment or from the comfort of home, at a manageable cost. 

Tracy has been practicing for nearly three decades. A graduate with a BA in Science from Syracuse, New York, Tracy has built a reputation on the belief that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness, understanding, and respect. Her compassion, attention to detail and ability to home in on her client's specific needs, creates a calm and gentle oral hygiene experience.

What makes Village Dental Hygiene Different?

You’ll have the same hygienist every visit which is critical to your ongoing treatment plan, as well as ensuring outstanding services and building a lasting relationship with you.


We provide the highest quality of care for your teeth and gums using cutting-edge technologies. Safety is our priority so there is no reason to dread your next cleaning!


We are committed to making oral care more accessible for everyone. We bill based on the ODHA fee guide and provide a flat rate option for patients without dental coverage.

We believe you have the right to choose.

Registered Dental Hygienists (RDH) have been practicing independently and operating their own clinics since 2007. Therefore, you are not limited to the hygienists at your dentist’s office to provide your oral care needs. You may choose any RDH to perform cleanings, just the same as you choose a dentist for more complex oral treatments.


We offer the same professional services provided by dental office hygienists including taking a medical history, charting conditions of the oral cavity, instructing clients in preventive care and nutrition, cleaning and whitening teeth, and fitting for mouthguards, and sealants. We also establish a dental hygiene treatment plan that includes disease prevention, therapeutic interventions and appropriate referrals.


Patients can expect high-quality professional oral care services delivered in a friendly, relaxed environment or in the comfort of your home or residential care facility with our mobile service. We work collaboratively with your dentist and other oral care specialists towards a healthier smile that will be yours for a lifetime.

We believe in the greatest tech(nology) for your teeth.

Your oral cleaning should be as comfortable and effective as possible, which is why we use the minimally invasive, Guided Biofilm Therapy system to care for your teeth and gums. We are the only clinic in Waterdown to use this ultrasonic technology that gently and efficiently removes biofilm (plaque), stains and early tartar on natural teeth, exposed dentine, tongue and palette, and safely cleans around orthodontic appliances, and restorations (crowns, fillings and implants) with a warm spray blend of a baking soda and salt water. 

We use a unique blend of holistic approaches.

Proper oral health equates to better health and with over 170 systemic conditions linked to oral bacteria, the connection is profound. That’s why we take the time to understand and consider the relationship between your mouth and overall body harmony. 


Our holistic methods are a part of our commitment and respect for your health. This dedication includes our green approach that involves choosing environmentally and socially responsible tools in our practice. We also employ natural alternatives to traditional methods, with the use of coconut oil-infused textured floss by CocoFloss in your choice of mouth-watering flavours and a gum massage with Happy Gum Drops from Living Libations, that contains pure and critical extracts and essences. These drops are perfectly potent and carefully selected for individual and synergistic effects to maintain happy healthy mouths. A hygiene treatment commences with a hot towel service to clean and invigorate your face and hands.

We give back to our community.

Did you know that approximately 32% of Canadians have no dental insurance? 


Gift from the Heart Day is a special day in which dental hygienists give back to their communities by providing free dental cleanings and oral cancer screenings for those who may otherwise not be able to afford oral health care. VDH is proud to have participated in this initiative since 2018, and will continue to support those in need with access to the oral health care that everyone deserves.

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